How To Insert Or Draw A Table In Ms Word

The following is a tutorial Ms Word that will simplify your work at the office or at school. how to insert a table in MS Word allows weeks to enter the table as an existing table in Ms Excel. and here is a tutorial  how to create tables in Microsoft Word . No one that I forgot, for this tutorial can be used for many versions of MS Word 2007-2010-2012-2015-2016-2017, so this Universal .

As in MS Excel then in an existing table in Ms Word is also almost the same use, you bia set the width, height, and how many cells you need.

How to Create a Table in MS Word.

1. The first open your MS Word.
2. enter the Tab Insert > Table
3. will appear boxes much you The High pulled out to determine how many columns you need.

4. well now you have your own table and you can change at will

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